My neighbours informed me that my husband brought girls to our matrimonial bed – Tega


BBnaija star, Tega, has revealed how she got to know that her husband, Ajeboh, was cheating on her.

She said she had always known that the man was having affairs with women outside but never knew she was bringing ladies home when she was out.

According to her, it was her neighbours who informed her that it had got to a point that he had been brining in ladies, though she too saw the scenario in a trance.

Tega became popular and subject of scorn when, though married, she went into a romantic relationship with Boma, kissing and engaging in what many saw as having sex.

Both contestants have, however, said they never had an intercourse while apologising for the other acts that were open.

Tega and Ajeboh

She later said she had doone enough apologising, just as his husband – who has also confessed that she cheated on her – also forgave her.

Now, in an interview with Chude Jidonwo, she said, “I relate with the guys in my street a lot. So, I called one of them and I also did some FBI stuff. And then, he came up with ‘Okay, he’s always bringing this babe to the house.’

“My sister was at home, my kid was at home, your brother was at home, and you brought this girl to the house. That was the height of disrespect for me. It was not like I didn’t know he was doing stuff outside. But then, bringing this girl home was just it for me.

“Then we talked about it and he was so defensive. What really broke me was that he said, ‘You went to Lagos to be with a man, that’s why I did all of this.’

“When Big Brother came, I was like, ‘Okay, this is going to fly’. And then my mum spoke to me that I should not do it but I spoke to him and told him, this is what I wanted to do.’”