Help me ask Annie why she dragged me into her marital drama – Pero

Annie, Tuface and Pero

Baby mama of popular musician Tuface, Pero, has fully reacted to the claim made by his wife, Annie, that he is still having an affair with her (Pero).

Annie had claimed, weeks back, that Tuface still slept in Pero’s home abroad.

The latter has, however, said it is a lie, saying she had no such contact with Tuface again.

Pero has three children for him.


In an interview with Stelladimokokorkus, Pero noted, “Help me ask Her why she dragged me into her marital drama when she knows well that i do not have contact with her husband? she knows.
why am i her easy target to gain sympathy online? why try to make me responsible if your marriage is failing? I dare her to bring out any evidence of me and Tuface together as a couple? There is even no relationship at all.

I have stayed out of their lives to avoid drama even to the detriment of my three kids with Tuface, so why always drag me into it? Dont you think i will be mentally sick if i am still after Tuface at this point in my life? I have everything going so well for me. I am in a relationship and I am happy and at peace…My boyfriend is even with me right now and is really surprised at all this stories that are not true….

I heard that anybody around Tuface that calls my name becomes an automatic enemy to Annie….Is everyone supposed to hate me because she does?

She fights his friends who are nice to me…I am like for Chrissake, you are a wife, face your marriage and leave me out of it.
I am a private person and don’t do my things on the Internet so how am i supposed to come online and start dragging with her that she things she has said are lies? I would rather spend that energy making money.