Gossip feast as Tuface, Pero are in Abuja at the same time

File photo: Tuface and Pero

Star artiste, Tuface, and his baby mama, Pero, appear to be in Abuja – and tongues are wagging on this.

There is no evidence that the presences in the capital city were planned or whether or not the duo would see.

But gossips think they could, based on the relationship between them.

Pero has three children for Tuface.

Tuface is said to be attending a copyright conference in Abuja, while a friend of Pero announced her arrival thus: “My dark chocolate baby is in Abuja…Tonight we are lit.”

Recently, Tuface’s wife, Annie, had raised the dust, saying he visited Pero abroad.

The agitation led to a big controversy but the couple have been able to sort the issue.

he mother of three of singer Tuface’s children, Pero Adeniyi, has arrived Abuja from United States, same time he’s visiting the capital city for a senate hearing on copyright act.