Funso Aina: MTN big boy gets a song

Funso Aina

By Akeem Lasisi

Because your cock was destined to crow loud
It escaped the antics of the prowling hawk
For sticking to life in the accident of death
You deserve a petal of the conquerors’ poem

Because the cab was driven by destiny
Even when it landed in the Krubera Cave
And passers-by were tempted to raise a dirge
You emerged from the wreckage and changed the song

You emerged to continue life trip
To water the farm from childhood you ridged
And since you regained your balance from destiny eaters
It has kept to a route of anointed feats

Acute as the sunflower ray,
Your brains are wired for words and sounds
When you were in the newsroom,
In the dancing leaves you conjured leads

Besides the news behind the news
Ahead of events you garnered scoops
In the silence of a celibate river, Funso
You reaped an exclusive difference of sexy tales.

Through the British Council
To the vast turf of the Yellow Line
Spontaneity has been your companion
But you are still the man to watch in twos and teams

Because your resourceful mind is ever present
Come rain, come shine
You ignite feats without hassles
Mastering leadership with ease and peace

Even on the managers’ planet
Your laughters are never frozen
Your eyes do not lose their lashes of humanity
Your humour remains as fluid as a morning brook

You are the only upward-mobile chief, Funsho
Who remains at home with friends of old
Your phone is the only number
That picks its calls before it’s dialled

For sticking to life on death way
For remaining yourself on land and sky
For being the news behind the news
You deserve a nectar of a conquerors’ poem.

While Funso Aina’s birthday is today, October 7, 2021, this poem was inspired by his narration of a road crash that nearly took his life.