Comedian Okele joins Lasisi in new poetry video, Eyin Eniyan: Back from Lagos


Elijah Adebero

Acclaimed performance poet, Akeem Lasisi, is out with a new video.

The work titled EYIN ENIYAN: Back from Lagos promises to be another big deal from the producer of other engaging poetry audios and videos that include UDEME: Cconstituency Project, ELELETURE and ORI AGBE.

Like many of Lasisi’s poems, the ones in EYIN ENIYAN have both the immediate and deeper meanings. At one level, they celebrate some monuments and values associated with Lagos. At another, they interrogate the political history and dilemmas of Nigeria, with Lasisi saying he likes the fact that the video is being released around the time the country is celebrating its Independence.

While a veteran talking drummer, Ayanlere Alajede, is actively in action in the drumming-and-response songs heralding the poems, popular comedian, Okele (Tunde Usman), is the actor to watch, taking care of the drama within the drama of the performance. Lasisi says the need to continually make poetry as rich and entertaining as possible inspired him to feature Okele, who, he says, was very supportive and impactful as far as the project is concerned.

He adds, “Initially, I considered Saka – Afeez Oyetoro. Then, Sanyeri (Olaniyi Afonja) as well as Ijebu (Tayo Amokade). But all of them were busy at the we needed to shoot. Luckily for us, Okele was able to be with us, and his presence and participation really enriched the video.”

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In some of his earlier works, Lasisi had featured screen stars such as Bukola Arugba(in Eleture, alongside Segun Adefila’s Crown Troupe of Africa), Kabirah Kafidipe and Feyikemi Bodunrin-Olayinka (Ẹkùn Ìyàwó), Yomi Fash-Lanso/Kabirah (in Show me your Smile).
“In Asabi Alakara, I also had the benefit of featuring Ropo Ewenla and Oyin Elebuibon. They all richly blessed the works. This is apart from Edaoto who is a regular accomplice and feature. I have also savoured the support of singer AShine (in MA rí Tèmi Ṣe), dancer and director, Tairu Ajibode, other dancers like Uche Obi, Kofivi and Wale Are. Of course, my Songbirds are always there for me, just as one has been blessed to have highly understanding and good producers and cinematographers around – like Sanjo Adegoke and Olatunde Obajeun. How many names can one name in this poetic journey of some three decades? I, for instance, remember the earlier input of the likes of Emmanuel Omilabu and Lookman Sanusi.”

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