BREAKING: Alleged bandits kill 1 soldier, 2 Amotekun officers during Oyo correctional centre attack

Gunmen kill Amotekun officer in Oyo
Amotekun operatives: File photo

Facts of the violence that some gunmen unleahesd on the Abolongo Correctional Centre in Oyo town on Friday night are emerging.

Witnesses are describing the ivaders as bandits based on their manner of operation.

A soldier and two operatives of the Amotekun corps were said to have been killed in the struggle that ensued.

According to Newsspeakonline, the soldier was killed by the gunmen while he was trying to scrutinise them on their arrival at the facility.
The two Amotekun personnel were also killed by the attackers when all security agencies were mobilized to the centre shortly after the news broke. Amotekun personnel were drafted to the scene first but two of them were felled by the assailants’ bullets while trying to confront them.

The medium quotes a source very close to the centre as saying that the attackers used dynamite bombs to destroy the centre’s fence by which they gained easy entry and freed the inmates.