Anita Joseph rejects curse on her marriage

Anita and husband

Elijah Adeberu

Popular Nigerian actress, Anita Joseph, did not hesitate to fight back spiritually after a fan made a negative statement about her marriage going down soon.

The fan had warned the actress to be careful, stating that she might soon say what would ‘cast’ her marriage.

This followed a video shared by the actress on her Instagram page showing herself and her husband MC Fish in a good mood.

The fan had taken to the comment section of the post to write:

“Soon you go talk wetin go cast your marriage #becareful.”

After the fan made the comment, she rejected it so quick while also backing the rejection with a prayer point.

She also cursed the fan, saying she rebuked the submission in “Jesus name” and sending his bad wishes for her back to him and his sister, emphasising that those waiting to hear bad news about her marriage would wait in vain.

The fan also quickly backed down, saying he did not wish the actress anything bad.