Tuface’s brother to Annie: You asked your maid to lock the doors and send key to you even when you knew our mother was in the house

Charles, Annie and Tuface

Popular musician Tuface’s brother, Charles, has again unleahesd allegations of humiliation against Tufaces wife, Annie.

He said she was not fond of only humiliating Tuface in the public, but that she also once humiliated their mother.

Charles began to tackle Annie since Friday after she accused Tuface, on Instagram, of having an illicit affair with his babby Mama, Pero, who has three kids for him.

In the latest accusation, Charles wrote (sic):

I pray for composure as I write these and I pray for clarity because there is so much to say, This is in no shape or form an attack on anybody, I just want to created a Peaceful space in my heart and move forward .

Annie , I am sure you are shocked that all these is coming from me , because in your heart of hearts you know I have always loved you and treated you the best way a brother in-law should…. not because you gave me reasons to , but because I tried to see you through inno’s eyes , and what he loved I cherished .

Respect is not a title, respect is a gesture …a feeling you give and you feel when you are given , Even thou I have been nothing but respectful to you…you can’t actually be demanding respect from me anymore when you have none for your husband or any for members of his family , his friends or his staffs .

You publicly humiliate him every chance you get , from pouring him food at my wedding to throwing a bottle of hennesy at him at my work place, or shouting at him at the top of your lungs in front of his celebrity friends or acquaintances…fights at the airport …just to mention a few …over matters that could have been addressed privately … Or is it you asking your maids to lock the doors and send the keys to you in South Africa even thou you knew your mum in-law was in the house visiting her son and grand kids from Abuja , and out of respect for herself she came to stay at my house …what was her crime ?

Or is it you attacking my wife,barely 3weeks after we lost our baby …just because she wouldn’t join your never ending war with ‘baby mamas’…and ‘Enemies’ that you create from thin air…just because you said ‘Yes’ and they said ‘No’ …. Pls tell me sis …where should I begin to respect you from?

Earlier, Charles had accused Annie of giving Tuface war whenever he wanted to speak with Pero’s kid at night:

Finally …What scares me most these days is the violence , where does it end Annie …the fights …your husband has his own wahala but…is that going to be your solution to this complicated situation life has thrown at you ?

Is it when you stab him in the chest while he sleeps over a call from Pero demanding he speaks to his kids in the middle of the night due to time difference from the U.S …for example …that you will have Peace …when he is dead then what? …You would be right …and we would be wrong …then what ? How does he even function as a musician from that kind of environment?.

Have a re-think Annie , you made us victims of your rage and the war you have chosen never to let go … Yet you are quick to cry fowl. We can’t all agree with you all the time , because na your husband be ‘King’ and you are the Queen we must all bow to your every command and when you call for war we must answer …life is bigger than who has money and who doesn’t. We must not all be millionaires to be happy . I wish you peace and all the best Annie , God knows I’ve tried . Bye

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