‘Tuface should marry Pero as second wife’

Annie, Tuface and Pero

When many other people are trying to calm the nerves of Annie Idibia, popular musician Tuface’s wife, someone has suggested that Tuface should marry pero, his first Baby Mama.

The adviser is a media aide of Bayelsa State Governor Douri Diri, Bodmas Kamepadei.

According to him, Tuface should do so because Pero gave him his first fruit – referring to the first child.

Annie stirred up the dust on Thursday when she accused her husband of still seeing Pero.

Among other people who have condemned the manner in which she did it – on social media – Tuface’s brother, Charles, as accused her of using charms (juju) on the hubby.

Commenting on the matter, Bosmas noted in a social media comment: “She gave him his Heir” – Bayelsa Governor
A media aide to Bayelsa State Governor, Bodmas Kemepadei, has advised Tuface to marry his ex-lover, Pero Adeniyi as second wife.

Kemepadei insisted that Pero is Tuface’s wife by African customs and traditions as she gave him his “heir.”

“Tuface should marry Pero as his second wife and end the controversies and suspicion by Annie. A woman who gave him his Heir and a first daughter, and third child, does not deserve to be a baby mama, it’s a miscarriage of Justice,” he wrote.

“Till date she is not yet married, Tuface should marry her, she is his wife by African customs and traditions, you don’t impregnate a woman and abandon her when she has not committed any offense against you. Who then marries her with three children, this is wrong. Annie should calm down and open her heart to accept a mate”

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