‘Police allow Nedu to enter their station with five people, they don’t allow even my lawyer lawyer to enter’

Nedu and Uzor

Comedian Nedu’ ex-wife, Uzoamaka, has insisted that police in Lagos have been partial against her in her battle with the man.

They have been against in a feud over the upkeep of their two children.

Now, Nedu has taken custody of the kids, but the woman said she was forced to release them while Nedu said she did so willingly.

According to her, the police treated her with disdain.

She said she was denied fair hearing while they allegedly treated Nedu like a king.

The woman said in an interview with ‘The Punch’,
“Those people have dealt with me so much. They have threatened me and forced me to do things that I didn’t want to do.

“My children were not meant to be back in Lagos. Those people have threatened me so much.

“Yes, we’ve been having rent issues. Yes, we’ve been asking him to support and help us, which he has refused to do. So, these people have done a whole lot.

“There is nothing like willingly giving him my children. There was nothing like that.

“Nedu is just hell-bent on getting rid of me. I have a lawyer, but every time he came with me to the Police, they would send him out; but Nedu would be allowed to enter with at least five people, including one NGO woman, Landa, his prophet and his co-workers. They all troop in while they don’t allow me to see my lawyer.”

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