Pere identifies 3 sins Angel committed against him

Pere and Angel

If there is any BBNaija housemate that Pere cannot wait to see get evicted, it is Angel.

It is not because she showed her privaye parts to whoever cared to view it about a day ago.

It is also ot because the 21-year-old has vowed that she won’t have sex with anyone in the house.

Yet, Pere wants Angel out of the BBNaija 2021 as quickly as possible.

He identified some three reasons for this, which describesb as the three sins.

And it is because of them he nominated her for possiblke eviction.

Pere on Tuesday opened the book of Angel’s sins against him, saying she was lazy, rude and lackadaisical.
He said during a diary session, “I nominated Angel for one reason; she’s very lackadaisical. She’s really rude, very lackadaisical, and somewhat very lazy. She doesn’t like to do chores.

“When Emmanuel was the Head of House, I was asked to clean where I normally would clean everyday without being told, most of the time – the hallway and wardrobe area.

“I’ve done that by myself always but this particular day, I believe it was a Sunday, Angel was asked to assist me in doing that.

“While I was waiting for the broom, I was in the salon. She came to the salon and was like, ‘Pere, are you going to clean the wardrobe area?’

“I told her, ‘Yea, I’m going to clean the wardrobe area.’ I do that by myself most of the time without being told.

“I was just waiting for the broom knowing fully well that we were supposed to clean it together. I got the broom and swept everything and she didn’t do anything.”