I’m my own boyfriend – Teni


Elijah Adebero

Call it a high joke, but the fact is that Teni is giving the impression that she does not have a boyfriend.

At least, she is not telling her fans yet if she has.

Rather, she has told them what would puzzle them more.

The fact is that many fans are always inquisitive about the relationship of most celebrities, and is not an excemption.

She took to her Instagram to answer noisy fans who keep asking her about her supposed boyfriend.

The singer posted a hilarious picture of herself making a face that was more than enough to tell fans she wasn’t amused by their questions.

In the caption, the singer revealed that she is her own boyfriend.

She noted:

“Everyone asking who is my boyfriend, my boyfriend is me. ����oyah tag your boyfriend”

The comment section was filled with fans who found what she said hilarious as some fans even took time to comment on her appearance.