Iconic Nigerian computer engineer suddenly dies days after winning $125m contract


Nigeria has lost a silent achiever – David Gbodi Odaibo.

He was an astute computer engineer who had just won a $124m contract from the US government.

Odaibo’s death came about the same time the country lost award-winning drmatist and scholar, Prof. Sam Ukala.

While Ukala was 73, Odaibo was, however, only 42.

Revealing the passage, his brother, Stephen Odaibo said in an online post:

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My brother, David Gbodi Odaibo, passed away yesterday. My heart is broken. He had a cardiac arrhythmia/heart attack in his sleep. He was fully vaccinated and did not have covid. He and I were so close. He was only 42.

David was kind, gentle, brilliant, and humble.

He had a PhD in Computer Engineering and was a Kaggle Grandmaster, the highest attainable skill level in practical Machine Learning. He introduced me to AI.

The algorithm he wrote for automatically detecting threats at Airports just won a $125 Million contract from Department of Homeland security about 1 wk ago. His code beat out companies backed by Billions of dollars. So in the future when you safely fly the skies, please remember my brother David.

Our hearts are broken. My poor parents, his wife and two young children. His 4 siblings. We are devastated.

David and I were tremendously aligned in our interests and would often talk for hours. Our connection was rare and precious. We ended phone conversations with “love you.”

Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them.

Though there may be sorrow in the night, joy comes in the morning. I’m comforted that David is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.