Biggy coaches Emmanuel on how to live happily in the house


Emmanuel had more than he bargained for on Tuesday, when he narrated his anxiety at not winning games in the BBNaija hpuse to Biggy.

Emmanuel was downcast because his group failed to win through the task for the day.

He was particularly sad that not winning appeared to have become a pattern for him.

manuel mentioned that the question made him feel like he wasn’t doing enough.

As Biggy tried to encourage him, he broke down in tears, stating that he finds it hard to deal with failure and he’s feeling unlucky.

“I feel I’ve been putting in my best but obviously, my best is not good enough,” Emmanuel said.

He added, “Maybe sometimes, I’m just unlucky having certain housemates on my team that are not really strong in some areas or aspects like that.”

Beyond sympatheising with hm, however, Biggie had something to teach him about living in the Big Brother House and elsewhere too:

“Emmanuel, you do not have to be the loudest voice in the room. You also do not have to allow other voices drown yours out,” Big Brother encouraged him.