Annie to Tuface: We are a couple of forever more

Tuface and Annie

Actress and wife of star musician Tuface, Annie, has described their pair as a couple of forever more.

It is a way of celebrating Tuface, who cloked 46 on Saturday.

Followers of recent happenings in the family will, however, also interpret the declaration as that of reassurance after she had called him out for allegedly still seeing his baby mama, Pero.

Annie had attacked Tuface about two weeks ago, in an online post, accusing hom of still sleeping in Pero’s house.

Tuface did not fight back but his brother, Charles, did profusely – accusing Annie of a chain of negative doings.

That the couple are still firmly together has however been confirmed – with Tuface first noting earlier on Saturday that he is not a perfect being, and Annie following up with the together-forever birthday wish.

She added,”Happy birthday to ‘A Guy’. You are my mine.”

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