Annie-Pero matter: Any woman who has 3 children for a man is no more a baby mama – Eddris Abdulkareem

Edris Abdulkareem

Controversial rapper, EEdris Abdulkareem, has said that any woman who has three children for a man can no more be called a baby mama.

According to him, she is the second wife even if the husband marries another person.

The argument came at a time popular musician Tuface’s wife, Annie, slammed her husband for still, according to her, seeing Pero, the woman who has three children for him.

The tackle she gave the husband in an IG post, now deleted, has led to a war between her and Tufaces’brother, Charles, who has accused her of victimising Tuface and other members of their family.

In a coded coomment, Abdulkareem of the ‘Nigeria jagajaga’ fame, noted on IG on Saturday:

”How can someone have 3 children for a man and you people still say she’s a babymama? That’s his second wife fam” he wrote on his Instagram page

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