Obi Cubana speaks on ritual money

Cubana with the items

Celebrity-in-the-news and entertainment entrepreneur, Obi Cubana, has given his perspective on ritual money and other unconventional ways of trying to get rich.

He spoke amid the sensation that the weekend burial of his mother in Oba, Anambra State, generated.

The burial was so elaborate that over 200 cows were said to have been slaughtered while money was profusely sprayed by several people.

The funeral has generated a lot of controversy, with the tongues of some wagging that ritual money might have been involved.

But Cubana has refuted this, saying he does not believe in what he called ‘cutting soap’, a slang for ritual money.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, he said: “We didn’t plan for one-fifth of the crowd at the funeral,” he said. “But see what happened at the burial. People have been saying that Obi Cubana has money, which money? They need to know people who have money in Anambra and in Nigeria. It is not about money but goodwill. What happened that day, money can’t buy it. See the mammoth crowd, yet nobody was raped, no car was stolen and no one was attacked. It can only be God.

. “I do pray before I leave the house. I pray because if you don’t pray your body will be naked and prone for different attacks,” he said.

“If you are in your 20s, work now. I am 46 years (old), I have done my first half. I don’t know why someone who is just 20 years (old) will say he has not made it when he still has 50 years 60 years ahead.

“There is no soap to cut for anybody, there is no soap anywhere, work, pray, be good, make your own soap.”