My only regret in life – Alakija


Billionaire oil mogul, Folorunsho Alakija, has revealed the only regret she has in life.

Alakija, who for some years remained Africa’s richest woman, clocked 70 on Thursday, July 15 and has been telling the story of her life.

While declaring that things had been great in the line of business, family etc., the founder of Famfa Oil said her only regret was that she did not discover Jesus Christ earlier than she did.

In an interview on ‘Arise TV’, she said, “As I look back now, I can say that there is nothing to regret. My only regret in life is not coming to Christ earlier, which is almost 30 years. That is my only regret in life. I transitioned from fashion to oil to the glory of God, moving from fashion to the oil industry,“ she said.

“For those who want to get wealth quickly, it’s not the way to go. It gets people into trouble. If you want to do it very fast, you will end up cutting corners. And when you cut corners, you are going to regret it more often than not. I will say 95 per cent of the time, you are going to regret it, or live to regret it,” Alakija added.

“I will say slow and steady wins the race because as you are going slowly, you are planning, you are applying what you have planned, you are applying wisdom.”