Mr Macroni salutes professor who trained him

Mr Macaroni

Popular comedian,Debo Adebayo, aka Mr Macaroni, has saluted the Professor of Theatre who trained him, Ahmed Yerima.

He says comedy has made him, he is a thoroughbred dramatist.

He speaks about his career in a chat with ‘The Punch’: “I am a graduate of Theatre Arts and I was trained by the very best— Professor Ahmed Yerima, who is the former Director-General of National Theatre. The content we create is part of acting. It is also important to note that I had been acting professionally before I started churning out social media content. I am working on a lot of projects, so my fans should watch out,” he said.

He said, “It is very intentional because I have grown to understand that theatre is communal. I am a big fan of bringing people in. By God’s grace, I have a platform and it is important I know what I am using that platform to do, such as developing others. It is a very big space and a lot of people can key into it.