Mr Macaroni to Buhari on Twitter ban: Social media was sweet in 2015

Mr Macaroni

Popular comedian, Mr Macaroni (real name Debo Adebayo) has expressed wild anger at the Buhari government over the Friday ban on Twitter.

According to him, it amounts to hypocrisy because Buhari had used the same Twitter to campaign.

Macaroni said: “President Buhari and APC used this same Twitter to criticise past administrations and campaign for elections. Now that the citizens are holding them accountable with the same platform, heat is catching them. They want to take away the people’s freedom to speak. Dictatorship 101.

“Yet you used the same Twitter to announce the ban there are a thousand and one problems we are facing in Nigeria and this isn’t even one!!! Misplaced priorities!! Nigerian Government, stop this tyranny!! Focus on serving the people or get out of office!!!

“This administration has done nothing but make life miserable for Nigerians. No ideas, no innovations! No solutions to problems. Nothing! Just sheer arrogance and irresponsibility. General Buhari; The man who cried so that Nigerians will also cry and suffer.

“The social media was sweet and juicy in 2015. Now it is bitter because we use the same social media to demand good governance from you. You sir have indeed given us a new Nigeria of killings, kidnapping, banditry, loss of Jobs, economic instability and dictatorship!!”


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