Shina Peller speaks on allegation that lawmakers earn N22m each monthly

Shina Peller

House of Representatives member from Oyo State, Hon. Shina Pellers, has spoken on the claim that a national lawmaker earns N22m monthly.

According to him, the claim is untrue.

He debunked it on Tuesday morning during an interview on ‘Your View’, on TVC.

He, however, did not state how much they are being paid.

The programme anchor, Morayo Afolabi-Brown, and her colleagues too did not put pressure on him to do so.
Only Yeni Kuti attempted to make him say how much.

Pellers, an entertainment entrepreneur and son of the late magician, Professor Peller, however said that, in terms of earnings, he was better off before he joined politics.

He highlighted some of the positive things he had been doing in his constituency, with some people from the area calling in to buttress his claims.


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