Sex For Grades: Female students are also guilty


On my first day in class as a new lecturer, I introduced my self and my areas of research to my students. They were glad and expected much from me as I promised. I was ready to distinguish myself in that noble profession.

The next day I had the same class and taught them with amazing gait that made them realise that I was truly different from what they used to have. Not that I was the best scholar in my department then but I was a trained teacher and I began teaching from the kindergarten to the primary, secondary, college of education and the polytechnic before the university. So, I know what it takes to pass on knowledge at every level.

Not quite long I got a shock from one of my students just two weeks in the university. My university is located outside the big city in Edo State and I rented a mini flat then. One early morning, the Mallam at the security post told me that a visitor wanted to see me.

Since I was new and never knew anybody except my students who never knew my abode then, I was surprised but told the Mallam to allow my guest to come. My goodness! She was a beautiful damsel not up to 21 years, tall and ebony. I asked her whether she wasn’t looking for someone else but she affirmed that I was the one. So I let her in.

She sat opposite me in one of the sofas and began her tale:

“Sir, I am one of your students and I am in the 300 level. I carried over your course from year one till date. I had sorted the course but the lecturer insisted that I must sleep with him after paying him and she is an old man.

He has slept with almost all the girls in the class and I hate him. Now you’re the new lecturer teaching that course and it clashes with my courses. Please sir I can do anything to pass.”

Before I could say a word in response to her appeal, she stood up and pulled off her skirt, revealing her nakedness immediately as she had no undies underneath the skirt. I was dumbfounded and confused. One expected that I should immediately generate an erection and do the needful but alas it was disgusting to me. She acted out everything like a rehearsed script.

I told her to wait and I went into the bedroom to get my belt and flog the devil out of her when I heard her say, “Sir, I have condom if that’s what you want to go and bring”

I returned with the belt and raised it up to flog her but she knelt down and begged me to forgive her. She quickly dressed up and ran out of my apartment. I was shocked at how loose our women had grown.

The next day I sounded a note of warning to my students that I had no interest in doing those ugly things that some of my colleagues were doing. I also told them that I hated “sorting” and wouldn’t accept it. It wasn’t surprising when my course rep told me that the students had nicknamed me “Pharaoh – Let My People Go”

Whatever legislation against “sex for grade” must be all encompassing. The students should also get part of the penalty provided there are proofs. I am not defending my corrupt colleagues but the female students contribute immensely to this sex for grade syndrome!

– Prof. Tony Oha teaches at the University of Ibadan


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