Fans excited as Roman Reigns hints at victory over leukaemia




Samuel Oladipupo


Former Universal world champion, Roman Reigns, has been absent from WWE television since revealing the condition in October but returned on Monday Night Raw and said his treatment had been a “home run” and was in remission.

To a huge ovation from the crowd in Atlanta, he confirmed: “The Big Dog is back.”

During his appearance he thanked the WWE fans for their outpouring of support in his time of uncertainty, hesitation and even fear.

According to skysports, Reigns spoke about ┬áthe well-wishes he had received from the WWE Universe and beyond; he even went so far as to change his signature battle cry to encompass everyone who had given him strength and grace: “This is our yard.”

Reigns also said his diagnosis and battle had led to a new purpose: To use his platform as a professional wrestler to raise awareness and support for those who find themselves in a similar fight to his own.

As The Big Dog made his exit, he was joined on the ramp by Seth Rollins, who embraced his friend in an impromptu celebration of a battle well fought and a purpose renewed.

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