Restructuring: Island Club blows hot

Foremost social organization, Island Club, has come out of its comfort
zone and taken a critical look at the socio-economic and political
situation of Nigeria.
During its New Year Eve dance that featured Ebenezer Obey, the club
revisited the lingering question of restructuring and called for
fundamental change in the polity.
Speaking at the event, Island Club’s Chairman, Chief Olabinjo Oladapo,
said, “This is a time of the year that calls for sober reflection and
also the need to review our various activities: the good, the bad and
the ugly. It is time to face reality with a firm resolution to correct
our various inadequacies with more personal commitment to be better
Nigerians. Therefore, as we approach 2018, let us build bridges, and
not walls.
“As the premier social club in Nigeria, we, through the Business
Group, organised a colloquium on ‘Restructuring: Challenges,
Implications and the Way Forward’. The overall interest of one
indivisible Nigeria is paramount and this is necessary to douse the
obvious quest for secession in certain quarters of the nation’s
geo-political zones.
“You will agree with me that turbulent times are pernicious. There is
no gainsaying that ordinary Nigerians are suffering despite all the
government wars on corruption, kidnapping, bunkering, insurgency and
more. We all prefer peace to war, certainty to uncertainty, calm to
storm, progress to retreat, compliance to lawlessness, positive to
negativity. Therefore, all the three tiers of government must rise to
the challenge. Enough of excuses and enough of trials by errors. Our
collective prayers are that we bring smiles, succour and hope to the
homes all Nigerians.”


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