Baale flees as man is beaten to death in his palace




The Baale of  Osuhun Egbado, Age-Mowo, Morogbo area of the state, has fled his domain following the death of one Rotimi Thompson, said to have been beaten to death in his palace.

The state police command is already working on the matter. It has arrested one Ikechukwu Ewuji, said to have accused his housekeeper, Michael Bulete, of stealing his missing motorcycle.

A report said, “After pestering Bulete, the housekeeper was said to have confessed to the theft and mentioned Thompson as the receiver of the alleged stolen motorcycle. It was gathered that Ewuji and some of his friends went with Bulete in a car to Thompson’s wife’s shop in the Adadagun area of Mowo on Wednesday. Ewuji told the woman to call her husband on the telephone on the pretext that he had a job for him.

A police source said that the men asked the woman to join them in the car and drove her to the baale’s palace.

“When they got to the palace, they reached the man on the phone and asked him to come to the palace. On getting there, they asked him where the motorcycle was, but he said he did not know anything about it. They tied him and the housekeeper and beat them up.

“At a point, he became weak and slumped. Instead of attending to him, they said he was pretending. After a while, he opened his eyes and requested water. They gave him the water, but he could not take it”, the source added.

“The man was beaten up in the presence of the baale. They also assaulted his wife. The baale is on the run. The housekeeper, the owner of the motorcycle, and two others have been arrested. The motorcycle has yet to be recovered,” the source, while a resident of the area said, Thompson and Bulete had been beaten up before they were taken to the palace.

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