Inspiring poem for the National Museum

National Museum


You will no more stand alone.

Unlike the snake-lonely thumb,

Contemporary monuments will grow from your buds

Onikan will metamorphose into a wonderland

You will stand at the centre of our tourism hub.

For a long century you’ve kept the best of our past

Signatures of our creative gods

Emblems of our artful kings:

In the umbilical pot in your inner gallery,

We seek communion with our inner heads.

You are the banker of our choice brass

The insurance house of our terracotta scarce:

Through the thick and ticks

You have kept the rest of our pilfered bronze.

You might have been denied the status of the Central Bank

But your impact is there to see and feel

I have seen you feed the curiosity of many scholars,

Fired the minds of visiting kids

Whoever can resist getting charmed by your ancient drums

And the classical crowns in your central safe?


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