From these ocean of lock-up shops

We unlock the door of the Lagos dream:

Buying and selling is the secret of wealth

Where multitudes exchange means for endless needs

Sharing, savouring secular bouquets of mercantile smiles.


Barrage of grains, bazaar of beverages

Household bits and office things

Clothing the host, adorning the guest

Heaven of elegant fabrics,

She clothes the groom, she clothes the bride

Robes their parents in a fulfilling lace

With gifts as varied as a peacock’s plumes.


Even if we fail to remember everything

Can we forget the lift you gave to our films?

Nollywood is Nollywood because of your role

From this Ebinpejo screaming Lane

You zoomed our Nollywood to the global scene.

So, all because of Idumota,

Pride and prime of Lagos markets,

I bring sapo leaf from Lagos West,

Tori ewe nla ni sapo o yo:

That plenty millions may kiss your stalls;

From the East I bring the leaf of ogede agbagba,

Ewe nla l’ogede agbagba a yo:

That you may continue to savour a harvest of sales

From Lagos North and Lagos South

I am here with the bark of the pine tree,

Tori peregun kii ku boro:

That market chiefs may reign long

That marketers may healthily rise daily with the breaking dawn.


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