Eyo, Oh, Eyo!!

Whenever Eyo steps out in gurgling white,

The egret is ashamed of its wings

The snow recoils into London sky.

Lo and behold Agogoro Eyo, patriarch of all carnivals

The socialite masquerader with capitalist charm.

Eyo, Oh, Eyo!

The myth of Adimu, with a cap as black as an isin’s seed

Riddle of Laba, a spectacular cap as red as a rose

I have seen Oniko in his legendary dance,

Taunting the moon with his yellow cap

Seen Ologede with Island grace,

His cap as green as riverside pine

Now: Purple-headed like a royal bride,

The Agere storms the scene in elegant steps.

Eyo, o, Eyo,

Do not flog me,

I am not the novice that came on a bike!

My sandals are off, my cigarette is dead

Spare me your droning whip

I have loosened the suku on my humble head.

Eyo, o, Eyo!

The riddle of Oniko

   Myth of Adimu

Ageere’s unbending spirit

   Ologede’s Island soul

Okinlaba has hit the city square

   With his Opambata staff of Spartan healing.


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