World Poetry Day: Ayinke House


Akeem Lasisi (For a major hospital in Lagos, housing LASUTH)

Each time I see a pregnant woman

Son of uneasy labour,

I skip a breath for the ultimate day

But once she drives into your caring home, Ayinke

She heaves a sigh of relief

A sweet cry of a newly born.

Then, in company with a thousand women

I will sing your praise in the market place

Bravo to your docs, kudos to the nurses

Mother of a million children,

You are the loyal catalyst of our number strength

You are the safety sea

Through which our ancestors return to life.

With your medical wand,

We hear the voice of the mum and that of the child

Kudos to the doc, flowers to the mum

Kudos to the philanthropist legend

Who bequeathed  the Ayinke House to human race

Kudos to the stethoscope, bravo to the needle

A thousand shouts to the women folk

Who labour in pain for future grains.


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